ATEEZ “Win” As Their “Stolen” Dance Move Is Immortalized In “Just Dance 2024”

The game will even be released on a day meaningful to the group!

Last year, ATEEZ were involved in plagiarism allegations involving one of the dancers who appeared on Street Man Fighter.

ATEEZ | KCON Thailand 2023

During the dance competition show, WDBZ crew member Vata was accused of plagiarism after being tasked to create choreography for Zico‘s track “New Thing.” Many viewers found the introduction of his dance to have a strong similarity to the choreography found in the chorus of ATEEZ’s track “Say My Name.”

Vata from WDBZ dance crew | @mbitiousbb/Twitter

Anze Skrube (right) discussing the creation of the “Say My Name” choreography in a June 2022 interview | STEEZY/YouTube 

This was heavily debated, with even Wooyoung being believed to have made a “silent” statement about the alleged plagiarism.

Netizens Believe ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Gave His Stance On The Plagiarism Allegations Against “Street Man Fighter” Contestant WDBZ’s Vata

Vata ultimately apologized, though he believed “the choreography its being compared to has a different transition and means something different entirely.” This denial led fans to protest, trending multiple tags related to the incident.

Now, fans are celebrating as the hotly contested dance move has been forever immortalized in a video game.

Just Dance is a rhythm game that features music from all around the world and, in recent years, has expanded to include a host of K-Pop tracks.

BTS’s “Dynamite” on Just Dance 2023 | Nintendo

With Just Dance 2024’s release around the corner, gameplay previews have been shared online. On September 27, the preview for ATEEZ’s “Say My Name” was released.

And while most tracks do not follow a song’s choreography exactly, like in the case of the normal version of BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love”…

…”Say My Name”‘s Just Dance Extreme choreography includes the gliding dance move!

On top of this, Just Dance 2024 is set to come out on October 24, ATEEZ’s anniversary. Fans have been celebrating this “win” and huge accomplishment for the group!