ATEEZ Scores Their First Music Show Win For Their Latest Hit, “Deja Vu”, And ATINYs Are Thrilled

Congratulations to these eight talented men!

On Wednesday, September 22, ATEEZ took home their first win for the title track off of their latest album, “Deja Vu”!


They earned the music show award on Show Champion, where they were competing against four other songs to take home the week’s trophy: “LALISA” by Lisa, “Stereotype” by STAYC, “Blue” by Wonho, and “Red Lipstick” by Lee Hi.

While this is their first win with “Deja Vu”, it’s now the group’s sixth music show win overall! They received their first award back in 2019 with “Wave”, which earned two wins in total. They also won two awards with “Inception” last year, and finally, one for “Fireworks (I’m The One)” earlier this year!

Hongjoong thanked ATINYs, the KQ Entertainment staff, and their CEO for the win, and then gave the microphone to Mingi, who fans have been so happy to have back as an active member of ATEEZ!

Fans of the group are so proud of ATEEZ for earning this well-deserved trophy, and made sure to express their feelings on social media.

Congratulations, ATEEZ! Watch the reveal and their full encore performance below.