ATEEZ’s Seonghwa, San, & Mingi Are Making Fans Swoon With The Most Random Video On Instagram

We’re confused, but we’re not complaining 👀😂

ATEEZ is always making new content for their fans to enjoy, whether it be an interview with a news outlet, a vlog, selfies, or random videos on their social media pages.

While this kind of content is always welcome, sometimes it’s a bit confusing and bewildering if there isn’t any known context, and their most recent Instagram post is just that!

Screenshot from an old ATEEZ livestream

The video features SeonghwaSan, and Mingi looking unfairly handsome in dark casual outfits, then switching to the stage outfits they wore for their recent concert in Japan. They then stride confidently while giving intense stares, especially Seonghwa!

The music that they use over the video is the most confusing part, but they make it work, and fans are swooning over just how gorgeous the trio look with their confident swagger.

Others, though, just expressed their confusion and amusement, which is definitely relatable!

We don’t always know what goes on in ATEEZ’s members’ minds for them to post these funny/entertaining/sexy/confusing videos, but we enjoy every one of them! 😂