ATEEZ Set To Become The Kings Of Halloween Again With “Black Cat” Performance Teaser

Maybe Halloween 2020 is saved after all?

Most ATEEZ fans should remember how iconic the group became last Halloween.

For a special stage for their promoted single at the time, “Wonderland”, the group dressed up in uniforms similar to their normal outfits for the song, but their makeup and their eerily convincing spooky personas made the stage absolutely incredible and perfect for Halloween.

If you need a refresher or haven’t seen the video before, check it out here:

Now, ATEEZ has ATINYs hyped up over a teaser promising what is sure to be an equally spooky and epic stage for Halloween 2020!

ATEEZ first performed TURBO‘s song “Black Cat” when they were on Immortal Songs, and it helped them dominate the show. They also gave a preview for this Halloween-style version of the song during their 2nd anniversary concert, Port of Call.


Last year, Mingi and Jongho were injured at the time of the performance, so it will be even better to see all 8 members performing this epic song for Halloween! Fans are definitely counting down the days until they can see these kings of the holiday perform.

The performance will be dropped on October 31 at 12AM KST. Make sure to tune in for a wonderfully spooky and awe-inspiring time!