ATEEZ Is About To Set Sail On Their Own Adventure Reality Show

This show is going to be a blast!

Exciting news for ATINYs!

On October 22, Kakao M made the announcement that ATEEZ will be starring in a new adventure reality show called ATEEZ Fever Road.

This exciting new project for the group will actually include elements from the ATEEZ universe and the story that the K-Pop group has been developing through their discography.

The premise of the show is about the members of the group discovering a “secret space”, where a mysterious figure — perhaps the fedora man? — had left missions hidden for the members two years in the past. The show will involve ATEEZ playing games in order to solve the mystery of the mysterious figure and why certain events have happened because of their actions.

This is what Kakao M had to say about the show:

In addition to showcasing the charms and chemistry of the ATEEZ members, who will be taking on a wide variety of missions, [ATEEZ Fever Road] will be a new and unique adventure reality show that draws from the ATEEZ universe and its tightly-written storyline. We plan to air a total of eight episodes, each of which will be approximately 15 minutes long.

The producer of the show, Park Hye Jin, also had this to say about this exciting project:

Recently, many K-pop idols have been drawing interest for their storytelling and creative universes. In particular, ATEEZ is a group that has received attention for their charming and tightly-structured universe. Please show a lot of interest in ATEEZ Fever Road, which will feature glimpses of both the members’ relatable sides in their everyday lives as well as their stories within the ATEEZ universe.

Keep an eye out for this show starting on October 26 at 12 PM KST! It will air the following four weeks on Mondays and Thursdays for a total of 8 whole episodes.