ATEEZ Shows Their Love For Fans By Releasing “Stay With ATEEZ” Dance Video… Featuring ATINY Themselves

It’s such a treat for the fans involved!

ATEEZ is known for showing their love for fans in fun, unique ways, and their most recent video on their YouTube channel has let ATINYs interact with the members in a wholesome and impressive way.

Using the hashtag #StayWithAteez, fans have been submitting dance covers of the group’s latest hit, “Answer”, in the last couple of weeks. And their hard work didn’t go unnoticed!

The dance video on ATEEZ’s channel features the original dance practice version of “Answer”, but alongside of it, they’ve also included fans’ submissions for the dance as well — and they are synced up perfectly!

ATEEZ’s most recent album, Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, came out this last January. Maybe this video is a teaser that the group is working on its next comeback?

If you want to watch the impressive and wholesome dance video, check it out here: