ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Didn’t Even Know He Was In A Fight With Hongjoong

Hongjoong’s not the only victim of Wooyoung’s cluelessness.

ATEEZ were the third guest on Sunmi‘s Showterview, and during their “I Have/I Have Never” segment, the boys revealed their secret thoughts and emotions for the first time on broadcast.

When Sunmi introduced the statement, “I have pretended to be on good terms with the member I was in a fight with,” the members were split: half of them had, and the other half hadn’t.

| Mobidic/YouTube

Hongjoong was willing to share a story behind why he chose “I have,” and when Wooyoung asked who he fought with, Hongjoong answered, “You.” Wooyoung was shocked, as he had chosen “I haven’t.”

There was a time when Hongjoong and Wooyoung argued while they were at a music show. When they were in the waiting room, Hongjoong was telling Wooyoung not to do something, but Wooyoung had his reasons for doing what he was doing and was trying to explain his reasoning to Hongjoong.

However, before they could sort everything out and end the argument, the members were rushed on stage to perform.

Leaving a confrontation unsolved before going on stage is far from ideal. However, when Wooyoung and Hongjoong met eyes on stage, Wooyoung’s smile melted any remaining anger or frustration in Hongjoong’s heart. With San passionately agreeing, it’s easy to see that staying mad at Wooyoung is impossible. After all, no one can resist Wooyoung’s smile, and ATEEZ and ATINY know that best.

It seems that Wooyoung chose “I haven’t” despite this story because, in his eyes, it wasn’t a fight at all.

This was the first time ATEEZ talked about one of their fights on a show, especially in so much detail. It shows how comfortable ATEEZ have become with one another and how their fights have little impact on their friendship (if anything, they probably grew closer).

Mingi couldn’t help but add his own two cents, saying that he hadn’t known making eye contact was a way to make up since one of the members would never look him in the eye after a fight.

When every pressed Mingi to spill on which member it was, Wooyoung randomly guessed himself and was shocked when Mingi’s silence affirmed it was him.

It seems that Wooyoung’s the type to not even realize he’s in an argument with another person, or at least the type to let go of his anger rather quickly and forget the fight altogether. Well, considering how Wooyoung is the mischievous happy pill of ATEEZ, it’s not hard to realize why.