ATEEZ And Stray Kids Once Again Prove That “Kingdom” Was The Place For Friendships To Be Born


When Mnet announced their survival show Kingdom, many K-Pop fans worried it would create unnecessary animosity between idol groups. Yet, they quickly realized that it was the complete opposite as all six groups involved formed close friendships with each other through the process.

In particular, one of the blooming friendships was between fourth-generation groups ATEEZ and Stray Kids! Despite the show ending, it seems as if both groups are still as close as ever!

| Mnet/ YouTube  

During Bang Chan‘s weekly Chan’s Room broadcast, Bang Chan watched ATEEZ’s new video for their track “Deja Vu.” After the track ended, Bang Chan explained that they’d met the group again during a recent music broadcast where they had the chance to catch up.

We got to, you know, meet up with them. You know, that feeling where you meet family after a really long time, and it just feels grateful and good to see them, that’s what it felt like.

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/ VLIVE  

He then explained how much fun it was because the groups hadn’t had a chance to meet up since the show due to their busy schedules.

We had such a great talk because we haven’t seen them since Kingdom, so after that, it was like, ‘Oh hey guys.’ And I complimented them on their song because it is so good.

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/ VLIVE 

The day after Bang Chan’s broadcast, ATEEZ’s San went live, and one fan mentioned how much the Stray Kids leader had praised their track!

Like Bang Chan, San also spoke about what it was like meeting the group again after so long, and he explained how happy they all were to meet each other again! In particular, he pointed out how happy he was to have these idol friends, alongside members of THE BOYZ.


In particular, fans found it funny how San explained that one of the first things Bang Chan said when he saw San again was how sorry he was for stretching his striped cardigan during the Kingdom sport’s day.

| Mnet

It is always nice to see K-Pop groups being friends with each other, and it shows that, despite everything, it is possible for idols to be friends! Hopefully, when their schedules calm down, fans will get to see more interactions between the groups.

Source: Stray Kids VLIVE and ATEEZ VLIVE