ATEEZ’s Teasers For “The World EP.1: Movement” Are Such Epic Cinematic Masterpieces, Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement

No one is doing it quite like them.

In the days leading up to their upcoming comeback, The World EP.1: MovementATEEZ has been releasing cinematic teasers that have the epic aesthetic of post-apocalyptic movies. The worldbuilding lore that ATEEZ has been working on since their debut has been getting more intense in recent times, and it seems to be now taking center stage as the concept for their new era.

It appears to be taking off from the group’s performance of “The Awakening of Summer” during their time on Kingdom: Legendary War, where the members fought against a regime that banned all forms of art and self-expression.

The first teaser introduces the society that they’re living in, showcasing a bleak, joyless world where everyone is brainwashed into being void of having self-expression and their own identity.

The second teaser, however, shows the members of ATEEZ starting a revolution, hacking into the tyrannical system to bring music, dance, and art back into the world and encourage others to do the same.

The teasers are filmed in a way that could easily be made into an epic full-length movie, and ATINYs are absolutely living for these incredible videos!

Fans are just amazed by how dedicated ATEEZ is to the universe and lore that they’ve built for the past four years, and it’s understandable why.

Some of the reactions to the videos, though, are just hilarious 😂

Make sure not to miss ATEEZ’s comeback on July 29!