ATEEZ Will Be Leaving The Title Track For Their Next Comeback Up To Their Fans

ATINY, it’s time for you to pick ATEEZ’s next single!

On May 22, ATEEZ announced via SNS that they would be allowing their fans, ATINY, to pick the lead single of their upcoming mini album, One To All. The choice is between two songs, “ILLUSION” and “WAVE”.

While both songs will still be included in the album, and will likely both get full music videos, it’s up to ATINY which of the two will represent the album as the comeback single. Voting is taking place on ATEEZ’s official Daum fancafé and through My Music Taste.

After two rounds of voting from May 24 to May 29, the ATEEZ members themselves will announce their personal picks and on June 10, the winning song will be announced.

Without any audio teaser being released before voting begins on May 24, ATINY are making up their minds based on the teaser images for each song that were released prior.

Judging from the teaser images, both songs seem to be fun, upbeat, and Summery, but ATINY will have to wait until May 24 to get their first glimpses of each song.