ATINYs Are Swooning Over ATEEZ Wooyoung’s Stunning AOTM Performance On Studio Choom

He more than proved his title as the “sexy performer” of ATEEZ!

For the month of June, YouTube channel Studio Choom chose ATEEZ‘s main dancer, Wooyoung, to feature as their artist of the month!

Not only is this a huge achievement in itself, but Wooyoung is also the first fourth-generation male idol, as well as only the second male idol overall, to be given this opportunity.

For his performance, Wooyoung chose to dance to “Bad” by Christopher, and just the song choice alone was evidence enough that the dance was going to be sexy AF.

And he did not disappoint. Dressed in classy but sensual outfits that accentuated his bare, well-toned chest, Wooyoung went above and beyond to prove just how much he deserves the title of main dancer in a group of other phenomenal performers.

His intensity and incredible facial expressions during his dance were nothing but awe-inspiring and impossible to look away from!

At the time of this writing, his performance is the fastest AOTM video to hit 100k views — reached in just 10 minutes — as well as the quickest to hit 100k likes, which it achieved in 1 hour and 6 minutes! It’s also broken the record for 500k views only 2 hours and 58 minutes after its initial release.

Unsurprisingly, fellow member and best friend San was quick to vocalize his support for the talented idol.

Wooyoung has also been trending on Twitter after the video’s release!

Understandably, ATINYs were squealing about the stunning performance on social media.

Christopher himself even liked a post highlighting Wooyoung’s performance!

If the video can reach 1.8 million views in 24 hours, it will become the most-watched AOTM video on Studio Choom’s channel in that amount of time.

Make sure not to miss out on his stunning performance by watching it below!