ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Gave ATINYs A Glimpse Of A New Tattoo… And It Has Us Feeling Emo AF

The meaning behind the tattoo is relevant to his relationship with another member.

Hongjoong may be the member of ATEEZ most known for his tattoos, such as the beautiful one on his ankle of wings with the word “faith” in the middle, as well as a more recent glimpse of what appears to be a spider web on his other leg.

However,Β Wooyoung is the member to most recently have ATINYs squealing over some new ink!


While the group was traveling to Jeju Island yesterday for so far unknown reasons, Wooyoung was spotted at the airport wearing shorts that gave him a cute summer aesthetic.

It was what the shorts allowed to be shown to fans, however, that really has ATINYs buzzing!

Around Wooyoung’s right mid-thigh, he has the Latin phrase “amicus ad aras” tattooed onto his skin in a pretty, elegant font.

The phrase is a slogan that means “friends until death”, and while this may seem an odd choice for people who don’t know ATEEZ very well, to ATINYs, it means so very much.

It’s a phrase that Wooyoung and fellow member San have been known to use for each other to describe just how deep and important their friendship is.

Dubbed “Woosan”, the relationship that the two of them share is one that is loved and adored by many in the ATEEZ fandom, due to how clear it is that they genuinely love and care for each other so much.

The fact that Wooyoung has had this meaningful phrase tattooed onto him has fans hoping that San has also gotten one to match, though that is yet to be seen!

This is actually Wooyoung’s second known tattoo, as he has confirmed on Universe that he has the Spanish words for “don’t rush but never stop” (“sin prisa pero sin pausa”) on his ribs.

Wooyoung’s other tattoo | @byeolwoos/Twitter

Understandably, fans are having strong reactions to the sight of such a personal and meaningful tattoo.

Some are hitting themselves for not noticing it sooner!

We’ll just have to wait and see if the tattoo has a matching pair somewhere on San!