ATEEZ’s Wooyoung’s Comments About Singing Live Draws Praise From ATINYs

It was a bold statement to make!

In the K-Pop industry, the topic of live singing versus lip syncing is often discussed, and something that is fairly controversial as well. Some groups are known for lip syncing more than others, sometimes because they put on such energetic performances that it would be practically impossible to stay stable.

ATEEZ performing

ATEEZ is a group, however, that has long been candid about the fact that they always use live vocals for their shows!

Given how complex and high-energy their choreographies are, it makes it extra impressive that they always sing live!

Earlier today on the fan app Universe, Wooyoung was talking to fans about their upcoming song, “Guerrilla”, and the performance video that was recently released for it.

At one point, he began discussing the dance and vocals of the song, and this is what he had to say about singing live!

Translation: Seonghwa hyung and Sanie will probably be better at expressing this song [with their dance moves]!

But if you want to see a clean-cut, neat version [of the dance],

look at mine.

Of course, we can sing live.

Singing live is the basics of the basics, you know?

The fact that Wooyoung thinks singing live is basic shows just how much effort and energy the group puts into their performances. Here’s how ATINYs are reacting on social media!

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