ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Reveals How His Members Bring Him Comfort And What He Does To Help The Group Be Successful

The bond between the members is so sweet.

The members of ATEEZ recently worked with Singles Korea where they participated in a stunning pictorial as well as an enthralling interview!

In Wooyoung‘s portion of the interview, he shared a lot about his fellow members, especially the many ways they support him. When asked, what types of “Things happened offstage?” Wooyoung answered that he often talks to his members to calm down his nerves.

Before a performance, there are times where I shake off my nervousness by talking to the members. We usually talk about ‘What do you wanna eat at the dorm later?’

— Wooyoung



Moreover, Wooyoung shared that he can depend on his members for his other concerns as well. To exemplify, Wooyoung described how Hongjoong, Seonghwa, and San often help him.

When I need some comforting, I go to Seonghwa hyung who is super friendly. When I want to relax and chill, I go to San who accepts me as who I am. When I need to talk it out because I have a lot on my mind, I go to Hongjoong hyung.

— Wooyoung

Much like his members, Wooyoung, of course, also takes care of his members as well! In his interview, Wooyoung described how he finds selfishness is essential for the success of the team.

Unlike being solo, a team can be shaken by one’s person’s fault. The selfishness to take care of my own-self also jeopardize the team. So, I’m always careful.

— Wooyoung

Source: Singles Korea Magazine