ATINYs Have Discovered A Webtoon Character That Looks Suspiciously Like ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

His name is even Woo Youngrak!

Recently, a Korean webcomic called 그들이 사귀는 세상, or The World They’re Dating In, has gained the attention of Korean and Chinese netizens for the similarity of one of its characters looking like a popular K-Pop idol.

The character, whose name is Woo Youngrak, is being compared to none other than ATEEZ‘s own Wooyoung!

Between his hairstyle, the shape of his face, and even his clothing style, it is easy to see why people are noticing some similarities between the two!

Whether the creator of the webcomic did this intentionally or not is still unknown, but the fact that his name is nearly identical to Wooyoung’s is hard to ignore, and there are a lot of comparisons being made between their visuals on Twitter.

Written by author Yullo, The World They’re Dating In is about a young woman in her twenties, Seyool. Seyool runs her own store selling eco-friendly products. Although she does not have any intentions to date, fate drops three men in her lap. The first, Woo Youngrak, her schoolmate who suddenly kisses her one day, drunk. The second, a handsome tailor, Gusto, whom is exactly her ideal type. Lastly, Ha Taehwan, a friend of her brother-in-law’s whom her sister sets her up with. How will Seyool, who’s a self-proclaimed non-dating enthusiast, deal with the three men who enter her life?

The character Woo Youngrak is a close friend of Seyool’s, as they attended school together. Ever the troublemaker, even Seyool took some time warming up to him. They were separated for a while after they graduated, but he came back into her life by coincidence one day. As they decided to catch up over drinks, an accidental kiss leads to confusion as they consider their true feelings for each other.

Even Wooyoung is aware of the comparisons between himself and the character!

Maybe if ATEEZ fans are lucky, the comic will be made into a live-action drama, and Wooyoung himself could play the role as Woo Youngrak! With fellow members Yunho, San, Seonghwa, and Jongho starring in the K-Drama Imitation, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until Wooyoung makes his television debut as well.

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