ATEEZ’s Yeosang Receives Death Threats And Disturbing Comments—Raising Fans’ Concerns

ATINYs were so worried they’ve called attention to the threats for his safety.

Because ATEEZ‘s Yeosang is one of the most caring and gentle members, fans have been hit hard with the fact that he’s being targeted by death threats and comments that are just as hurtful.

ATEEZ’s Yeosang

Through platforms such as Naver‘s international live-streaming app, where groups can now see all comments, individuals have posted alarming comments about him.

They’ve targeted Yeosang’s appearance, body-shamed him, and planned to harass him further: “Imagine how scared he’d be!” “Tell him to lose weight!” “If Yeosang doesn’t appear, we will just tell the members how ugly we think he is.

The most disturbing of them all was the fact that some individuals went as far as editing photos of Yeosang to make him appear as if he’d been harmed.

The threats and disturbing comments concerned fans so much that they were brought to the members’ attention during a live broadcast.

Since those threats and comments not only served as a threat to Yeosang’s physical safety but his mental health as well, fans sent messages to KQ Entertainment for the idol’s overall well-being.

Though KQ Entertainment has yet to address the situation, fans are using the hashtag #YeosangBeautifulAngel on Twitter to send Yeosang their love and support in the meantime.