A Baby Picture Of ATEEZ’s Yeosang Was Found In The Strangest Place: An Official NCT 127 Video

It has since been removed, but not forgotten ๐Ÿ˜‚

Recently,ย NCT 127 has been releasing videos in a “To Us” series that show the members of the group reminiscing on their history with each other and sharing their appreciation for one another.

Screenshot of Yuta and Taeil from “‘To Us’ #2”

The second video in the series starts out withย Taeil looking through old photos of himself and the other members during different eras that the group has been through. What no one seemed to realize before the video was uploaded, however, was that a member of a different K-Pop group somehow ended up in the photos!

Taeil looking at old NCT 127 photos

The photo placed next to a “Cherry Bomb”-era picture of NCT 127 turned out to be of none other thanย ATEEZ‘sย Yeosang as a child.

ATEEZ fans were quick to recognize the photo of the idol when he was young, as it’s well-known amongst the fandom.

The photo of Yeosang in the video

Many thought it was a joke at first, but the reactions to finding out it really did happen were both hilarious and relatable!

It seems like whoever was in charge of printing out the photos for the video may have found the picture of Yeosang while searching for photos of youngย Taeyong, according to this tweet.

Since the realization has been spreading on social media, it looks like it came to the attention of the editor of the NCT 127 video, as it has now been removed! It was originally around the 0:53 mark.

However, the photo of young Yeosang can still be seen included among all of the pictures when you look closely.

Despite the edit, fans are still getting a kick out of the harmless mistake, making jokes about Yeosang joining Kwangya or being locked in a box in SM Entertainment‘s basement!

This isn’t the NCTEEZ content we asked for, but we’ll take what we can get! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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