ATEEZ’s Yeosang Sends ATINYs Into Meltdown With His Recent Selfie, And It’s Pure Fire

KQ needs to shut the gyms ASAP!

The members of ATEEZ are rightly known as some of the best performers in K-Pop. With their unique concepts, imaginative performances, and unrivaled talent, it isn’t surprising that they are literally taking over the world.

Members of ATEEZ | @ATEEZ_official/ Twitter

Yet, alongside their crazy talent, one thing netizens can’t stop talking about is their out-of-the-world visuals.

| @ATEEZ_official/ Twitter

One person who has always gained attention for his “Prince” like visuals is member Yeosang. Since debuting, he has rightly confirmed that he is a true visual with his sharp features and warm smile.

ATEEZ’s Yeosang | @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter
| @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

Yet, although he is adorably cute and has even been described as a Maltese by ATINY (much to his protests that he’s a Doberman), Yeosang has cemented that he’s also hot AF!

The group is currently in America for their world tour and has been treating fans to selfies galore, and Yeosang is no exception as he’s been sharing his time in the country.

| @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

On January 25 (KST), Yeosang decided to stray away from the usual tourist-like photos and chose to attack ATINY with a gym selfie.

In the photo shared with fans, Yeosang is wearing a tight black gym shirt and, although he’s wearing a mask, his visuals are obviously undeniable.

Of course, it was enough to send the entire internet and ATINY in meltdown. It isn’t new that Yeosang has perfect proportions and is gorgeous, but something about this particular selfie caught their attention.

Some even took a trip down memory lane and compared it to a similar pose Yeosang used for a selfie when the first debuted, which made everyone #emotional.

| @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

Yet, it seems as if it isn’t just this selfie that’s sent ATINY into overdrive with Yeosang’s visuals. Since arriving in America and performing in front of fans, Yeosang hasn’t been shy in showcasing his physique to ATINY!

| @atzlegacy/ Twitter
| @juyeehawn/ Twitter 

It also seems like there’s something in the American water as earlier in the month, Seonghwa also sent ATINYs into meltdown with his selfies… and if you don’t know why, here’s the firm evidence.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa | @Ateez_official_/ Instagram

With three more shows left and their time in America lasting until the end of the month, there is no doubt that the members will continue to post selfies that are enough to break ATINYs’ hearts!

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