ATEEZ’s Yeosang Showcased His Special Talent, And Jessi’s Response Was Too Much For The Members

Things became chaotic!

After months of K-Pop fans asking for it to happen, ATEEZ finally made an appearance as the latest guests on Jessi‘s famous Showterview With Jessi. As expected, it was full of chaos as the members and Jessi had fun playing games, getting to know each other, and a lot more.

ATEEZ and Jessi | @jessishow_official/ Instagram

After the initial introductions, Jessi introduced the members to her regular segment, “Real Close-Up Interview,” where she would use a small camera and find the hidden charms of each of the members.

The members each had to reveal their charming points and, from the very beginning, they might not have been what Jessi expected. Leader Hongjoong showcased the strongest part of his body, which was the crown of his head and condition of his scalp, and Jessi didn’t have enough praise for San‘s features.

When it came to Yeosang, of course, Jessi couldn’t deny his visuals, calling him “very beautiful,” which lived up to his nickname of the “Living Statue.”

Rather than a part of his body he was proud of, Jessi asked Yeosang to showcase his special talent, and it definitely took her by surprise as he explained that he could turn his tongue 180 degrees.

After he showed it off, Jessi seemed impressed but had the funniest reaction, adding, “What can you make use of it?” It seemed to make all of the members laugh at her response.

However, her next comment made both the members and ATINY laugh out loud. It was such a “Jessi” comment that fans shouldn’t have expected anything else. Out of nowhere, Jessi suddenly asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” and once again, the members burst into laughter.

When the episode aired, ATINY couldn’t help but share how funny it was on social media and praise Jessi for making the boys laugh so much!

As always, Jessi has proven how good a host she is by making her juniors feel comfortable on the show and giving them a platform to really shine! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mobidic