ATEEZ’s Yunho Reveals Why He Thinks His Real Personality Is 80% Similar To His Character In KBS’s “Imitation”

He also gave his thoughts on his first-ever acting role!

ATEEZ‘s Yunho talked about his first-ever acting role, and how he feels about it!

Yunho will be making his acting debut in the KBS2 K-Drama Imitation as Yoojin, the center of a four-member K-Pop idol group called “Sparkling”. As the drama follows the stories of three different idol groups and their struggles while navigating through the entertainment industry, many fans have their eyes on the drama because of the plot, as well as the star-studded cast!

From left to right: Jung Ji So, Lee Joon Young, T-ARA’s Jiyeon, Yunho, SF9’s Chani| Newsen

With regards to his first acting role, Yunho commented on how it still feels a little different to call himself an actor, and also shared that he worked very hard for his first acting role!

It feels different introducing myself as an actor. I am honored to play my first acting role in such a great drama like Imitation. As this was my first take as an actor, I really practiced hard and monitored my acting in order to not become a burden to other.


He then talked about his character Yoojin, and revealed that he felt an extreme familiarity with his character, likening their synchronicity in personality to be about 80%!

Although he may seem warm and soft on the outside, he is similar to me in that he doesn’t give up when it comes to his dreams or his team. I think I have about 80% synchronicity with my character.

My family and other ATEEZ members have also told me that I am quite similar to my character too.


Yunho also shared his experience with working alongside actors Jung Ji So and Lee Joon Young!

I’m actually the same age as Ji So so I think that’s why we were able to show good chemistry while acting. Although I am rivals with Joonyoung in the drama, he gave me a lot of advice off camera and I am thankful to him.


Imitation Script Reading Behind-The-Scenes

Wrapping up his thoughts on his first acting project, Yunho talked about wanting to leave a good first impression, both as an actor and as an ATEEZ member!

I wanted to show fans a different side to me, and to those that are seeing me for the first time, I would be happy if this new endeavor would help spread my name and ATEEZ.


Imitation will air its first episode on May 7 at 11:20 PM KST

Source: My Daily Korea