ATEEZ’s Jongho To Perform Sitting Down Due To Minor Ankle Injury

Get well soon, Jongho!

KQ Entertainment posted a message on ATEEZ’s official fan café site regarding Jongho’s injury.

The statement read,


Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. We are posting this in regards to ATEEZ Jongho’s ankle injury. Jongho injured his ankle on Friday, October 22, and went to the hospital for examination. The results showed that he had a minor ankle sprain. Although it was a minor sprain, the doctor advised that he should not move too much to prevent the area from getting worse. Due to his injury, he will be performing sitting down for scheduled events until he fully recovers. We hope that fans can understand and support Jongho so he can recover quickly. Thank you.

Fans showed support and sent get well messages through ATEEZ’s official Twitter account after the statement was released.

Get better soon Jongho!

Source: daum cafe