ATINYs Think A “SuperStar ATEEZ” Game May Be In The Works And Here’s The Proof

We’d want to play!

Recently, ATINYs have been getting excited due to the possibility of ATEEZ getting their very own SuperStar game, joining the currently existing JYPNation, FNC, YG, STARSHIP, SMTOWN, Woolim and GFRIEND versions.

This is because on August 3, the SuperStar Rhythm game account pinned a new tweet with a sneak peak of who the next artist to join the roster will be.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m here with exciting news today! The news is that… the next SuperStar Series is upcoming! Don’t you want to know? #Hint_below_photoA

— @SuperStar_GL

Soon after, an ATINY pointed out that a private Twitter account with the handle @SuperStarATEEZ was recently created!

Later that day, another ATINY stumbled upon a website which appeared to be an incomplete pre-registration page for a SuperStar ATEEZ application. How did they find it? They simply took the url for GFRIEND’s site and replaced the group’s name with ATEEZ!

| @saniesfox/Twitter

Although it isn’t any sort of official confirmation, everything in the screenshot such as the fonts and logos appear to be exactly the same as previous SuperStar releases.

Loading Screen | SuperStar/JYPNation

Unfortunately the page is no longer accessible, as a few minutes after the tweet was posted, the original link began to lead users to an error screen. While this could be seen as evidence that the website was a hoax, a different fan pointed out an important detail: the error wasn’t occurring because the page had been wiped or deleted, but instead the permissions were changed!

This means that not only is a website domain already set up under the same name format as all of the other SuperStar games, but whoever owns it wants to keep things a secret!

ATEEZ | KQ Entertainment

What do you think about the situation?