Audience Wonders When Kim Jae Hwan Will Take A Breath During Busking Performance

Kim Jae Hwan showcases his smooth vocals.

Kim Jae Hwan impressed on-lookers with his vocals on tvN’s new variety music show Wednesday Is For Music Programs.

During the show, Kim Jae Hwan held a busking performance at the same spot he started music 14 years ago.

For his performance, he prepared Jason Mraz’s “Geek in the Pink” and shocked fans with how long he could sing in just one breath.

This 23 year old singer has had many hardships while going down the path to becoming a singer. After leaving his company as a trainee of 4 years, he began his journey to become a singer alone.

He took it as his last chance when he participated in the audition program Produce 101. This step gained him an opportunity to debut as a singer.

Take a look at how long he can sing in one breathe below!



Source: theqoo

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