Audience’s Criticism Towards SBS’s Decision To Cancel “One Dollar Lawyer” Episodes Reaches A Fever Pitch

Fans are irate at SBS.

Fans of K-Drama One Dollar Lawyer are not happy about the manner in which network SBS is wrapping up the drama’s first season, citing sudden schedule changes and episode cancelations.

Poster for One Dollar Lawyer | SBS

Many avid K-Drama fans agree that SBS’s One Dollar Lawyer is an absolute must-watch.

The drama revolving around a loveable lawyer, played by Nam Goong Min, his painful past, and his strong will for justice has become Korea’s number one watched prime-time drama.

Fans, however, started raising their concern when it was revealed that the drama would be shortening its run from a traditional 16-episode arc to a shortened 12-episode season.

Amid this news, the drama announced that rather than broadcast two episodes per week, which is the K-Drama norm, the show’s final two episodes would be shown over two weeks. According to the network, the October 28 and November 4 episodes would be postponed.

A netizen posted on an online community, criticizing SBS for both shortening the drama by four episodes, and postponing episodes.

The drama is shown every Friday-Saturday, but they lowered the drama’s episode count from 16 to 12, citing an effort to boost quality. (This is unprecedented. Although it is common for failed dramas to end early, canceling a drama that attracts so many sponsors can only mean there are production issues)

— Netizen

They say they are raising the quality but fill their episodes with product placement scenes. Most concerning is how they went from two episodes a week to one episode. This sudden change has hurt their ratings.

Many netizens agreed with the poster and expressed their frustration with the network on SBS’s bulletin.

  • “Stop making dramas.”
  • “It’s so frustrating to see the network cancel the drama’s episode for no reason.”
  • “These guys are crossing the line.”
  • “What is the reason for canceling the episode for One Dollar Lawyer?
  • “They are canceling the November 4 episode… They are crazy.”
  • “You networks don’t deserve to cry about audiences pirating their episodes.”
  • “What are you f@ckers doing?”
  • “Sell the rights to Netflix or Apple TV.”
  • “Seriously, you guys are making me not want to watch it anymore. Keep at it, why don’t you.”

As SBS have struggled to attract audiences to their dramas as of late, instead losing out to cable channels Jtbc and tvN, it is puzzling to see the network take a stance that is so unfavorable among audiences.

Previously, we reported on rumors that the shortened drama is likely due to a season 2, but the drama’s second season has yet to be confirmed.

Audiences Are Confused After Learning Drama “One Dollar Lawyer” Will Be Coming To An End After Just 12 Episodes

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