August Might Be The Biggest Month Ever For K-Pop In America Due To These 3 Comebacks

The Hallyu wave in America is about to get real.

Over the last several years, K-pop has slowly become more popular in America (as well as the rest of the world). With songs from the music genre constantly ranking on various Billboard charts each week and groups such as BTS getting invited to attend and perform on different music awards shows, K-Pop is definitely making strides in the U.S.! However, it’s still not as popular as it could be… Yet.

This month, however, is surely going to be huge in K-Pop, specifically for American fans, because 3 of the biggest groups in the United States are having highly anticipated comebacks!

BTS, of course, is by far the biggest act, not just in America but in K-Pop as a whole. As most fans should know by now, the group is set to come out with their new full-English song “Dynamite” on August 21. It’s their first to be sung fully in English, making it more accessible to non-Korean-speaking fans, and it’s being really hyped up through teaser images recently dropped. Some think it’s going to be their biggest hit yet, which is setting the bar incredibly high, considering how successful they’ve already been!

Next up, BLACKPINK is probably the most popular K-Pop girl group in the United States, with YG Entertainment really pushing their marketing in America which even led to them performing at Coachella in 2019. They recently came out with their most record-breaking song yet, “How You Like That”, and are set to release another song, as yet unnamed, on August 28, just a week after BTS’s “Dynamite” comeback. The featured artist is rumored to be American-based singer Selena Gomez, which of course will help the girls attract more American fans for what’s sure to be a killer comeback!

And of course, BLACKPINK is also going to be releasing their first full-length album sometime in October, which should be huge, especially if they draw in international fans with their August collaboration!

And finally, SuperM just recently announced their comeback plans for mid-August and early September. The group did incredibly well with their debut album last year on the American market, with their tour in the country drawing in packed stadiums as well. Their two new singles, “100” and “Tiger Inside”, are set to release on August 14 and September 1 respectively, with a full-length album, Super One, following on September 25. If last year was any indication, this comeback is going to be well-received by international fans!

With these three acts having what sound like will be some of their most popular and hyped-up comebacks yet, it will be surprising if K-Pop as a whole doesn’t gain a bunch of new fans!