Australian Show Insults BTS Multiple Times, Fans Demanding An Apology

There were a lot of things said that rubbed ARMYs the wrong way.

BTS was featured on Australian show 20 to One, taking the number 18 spot on their top 20 list of pop culture. But, it wasn’t a moment of celebration for hosts Erin Molan and Nick Cody.

Erin Molan introduced the group with, “At number 18, it’s the biggest group you’ve never heard of.” Then, proceeded to call them the “South Korean One Direction.”

And, Nick Cody ended with, “Yeah, never heard of them.” Then, they spoke about BTS being the first Korean artist to reach number 1 in America and revealed how impressed they were because “only one band member actually speaks English.”

They included actor Rob Mills saying, “I have no idea what they’re singing about. But, these guys are great. The choreo is great. The singing is…passable.” Then, a clip of Jimin‘s voice cracking was played immediately afterward.

Comedian Mel Buttle said, “There’s 7 members. That is a lot. Surely you could fire 4 of them.”

And, they mistakenly called RM his former stage name Rap Monster on top of making fun of their UN speech by saying they were talking about “hair products.”

ARMYs were upset by the comments in the video and demanded either legal action or an apology.

Watch the full segment here.