Average annual earnings of singers rise by 72% in 3 years

As of 2013, the average yearly earnings of Korean celebrities was approximately $37,180. This number is even higher for K-Pop artists, and has significantly increased over the last 3 years.

For K-Pop singers specifically, the average annual earnings was approximately $46,740. Compared to 3 years ago when a singer’s average annual salary was $26,970, this is an increase of 72.2%.

An official from a large entertainment company revealed, “Ever since a few years ago, work has increased tremendously as K-Pop has started to expand across all of Asia, most importantly China and Japan. This caused the increase in possible earnings for singers.”

He continued on to say, “Few select actors earn large sums of money with one or two advertisement contracts but over all, singers have more opportunity for work through concerts and tours.” Actors on average had an annual earning of $37,180.

Source: Yeonhab News