K-Pop Bodyguards Reveal The True Reason Why People Illegally Take Pictures In Concerts + How They Get Away With It

They spilled the tea.

Typically, bringing a professional camera to a K-Pop concert is strictly forbidden. Many people, however, have broken this rule and were thrown out of concert venues by bodyguards…only to come back.

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Professional bodyguards Yang Tae Il and Jung Seung Min recently guested on YouTube channel AYO to share their experiences with these kind of people.

Yang Tae Il (left) and Jung Seung Min (right) | @AYO/YouTube

When shown a picture of a man obstructing the view of other concert-goers because he was taking pictures, they revealed that—contrary to expectations—he isn’t a fan but a professional.

They’re a professional. These people are not fans.

— Jung Seung Min

He further explained that they earn money by selling the pictures that they illegally took.

They came to make money. People like him are out of control. Most of them get paid. They take pictures of singers and sell them, and they cost over KRW 1M.

— Jung Seung Min

Even when they get caught and thrown out of the venue, they enter again with another ticket that they bought beforehand.

They get kicked out if they get caught taking pictures, but they bring multiple cameras and tickets, so they come back in with a different ticket.

— Jung Seung Min

Yang Tae Il agreed with everything he said, adding that it’s alright to take a few pictures, but it’s wrong to take multiple with a big camera and block the view of other fans.

People like them really shouldn’t come. Secretly taking one or two pictures is okay since you like them as a fan, but it’s wrong to do it like this.

— Yang Tae Il

Learn more about K-Pop bodyguards in the full interview below.

Source: YouTube