K-Pop Designers Reveal Why It’s So Difficult To Work On The Stage Outfits Of K-Pop Idols

It’s harder than you might think.

If you have ever want to know the secrets behind K-Pop stage outfits, YouTube channel AYO has got your back. They recently invited professional K-Pop designers to spill the tea about their job.


K-Pop stylist and visual director Kim Tae Young (also known as Balko) and Lim Heon Soo, a designer who runs Custom Mind, an idol production stage team, have worked with celebrities like CRAVITYP1HarmonySHINee‘s TaeminTXTNCTBTS, and BLACKPINK. Naturally, they are fully capable of answering stylist-related questions!

Lim Heon Soo (left) and Balko (right)

Towards the end of the video, a netizen praised them for the great effort they put into their work. Touched by their words, Balko and Lim Heon Soo revealed why it’s so difficult to make the idols’ stage outfits.

From idol stage outfits to props, they put their heart into every stitch. You’re making it out for someone’s splendid stage. I think it’s so awesome and cool.

— Netizen comment

One of the hardest parts about it is how busy it gets before comeback season or a concert. Because of all the clothes that they have to finish, they cannot go home to rest.

Before their comeback or concert, the staff can’t go home.

— Balko

They even stay up all night to make sure that the outfits look perfect for the performance.

A lot of staff work so hard staying up all night to prepare for the idol’s performance.

— Balko

Aside from that, Lim Heon Soo explained that they usually only “design once or twice a year” for their own brand. When it comes to an idol’s outfit, however, it’s worth almost six years of designs!

It’s thanks to fashion designers like Lim Heon Soo and Balko that fans get to see the most beautiful (and expensive!) clothes on their favorite idols.

To learn more about K-Pop fashion designers, watch the full video below.

Source: AYO