B.I.G harshly criticized by netizens for most recent tweet

Boy group B.I.G received harsh criticism from netizens for what they wrote in their most recent tweet.

On February 14th, rather than celebrating Valentine’s Day like many other young people their age, B.I.G chose to visit the “An Jung Geun Memorial” in memory of the late An Jung Geun, an important figure in Korean history.

The young artists marked the occasion by leaving a message via their official Twitter account that read, “Let’s think once more upon our hero and martyr, An Jung Geun. His last words, ‘Even in heaven, I will work for the independence of our country’ sets fire to our hearts.

However, rather than receiving warm responses for their visit and message, the group was met with cold and critical reactions from netizens who expressed their displeasure and suspicions that B.I.G’s actions were only meant for publicity.

One netizen commented, “Don’t use the late martyr An Jung Geun to market yourselves. Did you have to announce such a thing on your official Twitter…you could have just quietly visited tsk tsk. He’s not someone you can use to gain fame in such a way.

Another netizen agreed, stating, “I can read you like a book, you bastards. Also, February 14th isn’t anything but the date he was sentenced, so if you want to preserve his memory, do it properly on the date of his passing, March 26th,” while another comment questioned, “Do you not know what you should and should not do –. Are you kidding me?

B.I.G debuted in July 2014 with their song “Hello” and celebrated their 200th day since their debut in January.

Source: Herald Finance