B.A.P plans to sue TS Entertainment for defamation and releases response to statement

Following TS Entertainment’s official statement released just hours ago to the media, B.A.P has shared their response through a legal representative.

On the afternoon of December 5th, the popular idol group’s legal representative said, “TS Entertainment is trying to tie the members with terms like ‘acting under the terms of the contract’ and ‘compensation for defamation.’ They have not, however, released any of the information the members have asked for and have shown no reason for the members to trust them.”

Rebutting to TS Entertainment’s previous statement that they “decided to respect their request and cancelled their South American and Japanese tour to give them a long period of break” when the group’s chief manager requested a break on their behalf, the representative rebutted with, “The [B.A.P] members have worked under the entertainment agency’s management for three years in order to accomplish their dreams, but the company did not care for the members’ health.”

“Even when a member was taken to the emergency room and the hospital told the company that something major could happen if the member wasn’t hospitalized, they talked about compensation for damages and took the members to the concert [to perform.”

They added, “Never mind the payout, the company did not even reveal proper documentations even once. The only thing the members wanted at the end of 2013 was for the company to be transparent with their documents, but they refused to show the members anything relating to the amount of sales. The members, to this day, do not know the guarantee or terms under which they performed in various concerts.”

“TS Entertainment pressured them to act their part of the contract, while the company did not.”

On the alleged third party involved in B.A.P’s lawsuit, mentioned in TS Entertainment’s latest press release, the legal representative replied, “The company that tried to turn us [them] into singing machines is the only 3rd part involved in this conflict. TS is refusing to give any proof and spreading false truths about the existence of a third party. The members are trying to press defamation charges against the company as well.”

Source: Enews24