B1A4 releases statement after “SNL Korea” groping incident

B1A4 gave a short response to the sexual harassment controversy involving comedian Lee Se Young on SNL Korea. 

On November 28th, B1A4 had a scheduled event to celebrate the release of their latest album, Good Timing. The event was the group’s first after a year and three month’s hiatus. It was also their first public appearance since the video of the incident went viral.

During the event, the members were asked about the sexual harassment controversy that happened on SNL Korea. The video showed female staff members of SNL Korea, including comedian Lee Se Young, sexually harassing the members of B1A4.

When asked about the incident, B1A4’s leader, Jinyoung, gave a careful and short response. He said, “Everything happened so fast so we watched the video again. It seems that the fans have worried. We will repay their concerns through this album.” 

In a separate statement, WM Entertainment revealed that they have received a full apology from SNL Korea, Lee Se Young, and the rest of the production team. It was also stated that B1A4 will focus on their comeback.

B1A4 promoting “Good Timing” at their comeback showcase

Source: TVReport and Newsen