B1A4 to become new faces of FILA’s upcoming campaign

FILA, an Italian sports brand, has introduced B1A4 as the new faces for the brand’s “2015 Back to School” campaign.

The annual campaign “Back to School” is one of FILA’s seasonal marketing technique aimed to reach closer to customers from ages 10 to early 20s who are looking to start a new school semester. In the past years, BIGBANG, 2NE1, BEAST, INFINITE, and more have been featured as the campaign’s models.

According to a source from FILA on December 2nd, “FILA will be coming together with B1A4 for the upcoming project as their bright, humorous, and sophisticated images match well with our campaign’s purpose and direction. We are looking forward to B1A4’s role in expressing FILA’s transformed concept and images for the ‘2015 Back to School’ campaign.

B1A4 is prepared to splash their charms through the “2015 Back to School” campaign apparel, including backpacks, shoes, clothing, and more. The boys’ first photo-shoot for FILA is set to take place mid-December, with the campaign officially starting at the end of December.

Source: News1