B1A4 CNU’s Patriotic Post Receives Hate From Some Japanese Fans

B1A4‘s CNU uploaded a photo of his Instagram in celebration of Korea’s Independence Day, but his photo has upset several of his Japanese fans.

B1A4’s CNU uploaded a black and white historical photo of the March 1st Movement on his Instagram along with the text “3.1 March 1st Movement“, and some Japanese fans have expressed their disconcert.

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On March 1, 1919, South Koreans organized their first resistance to Japanese colonialization by demonstrating and holding protests, which were soon met with suppression and violence.

CNU’s photo was that of one of these protests, but some of his Japanese fans left several malicious comments, stating they were very uncomfortable and that they were going to boycott B1A4 concerts due to this.

Some comments included:

“Think of your Japanese BANA’s.”
“As a Japanese, I find this repulsive.”
“Do you only think of Japan as a source of income?”
“I won’t be attending your concerts.”

Other Japanese and international fans expressed their respect for CNU, and explained that the March 1st Movement was a very important day for Koreans, and asked fans to be more understanding.

Some of these comments included:

“Today is a very important day for Koreans.”
“As a Korean, it is absolutely natural for us to celebrate this day.”
“Not all Japanese fans feel this way, so let’s not stereotype them. For those who don’t know Japanese, only a select few are leaving malicious comments, and most Japanese comments are very positive!”

As of now, CNU’s Instagram post celebrating Korea’s independence is being received very positively by the majority of his followers, and fans from all over the world are commending his patriotic post.

Source: Dispatch