B1A4’s CNU to possibly undergo surgery following knee injury

CNU is reported to have suffered from a knee cartilage injury and is set to undergo surgery following B1A4’s ongoing schedules. 

It was belatedly reported that CNU suffered from a knee injury prior to B1A4’s comeback activities. However, despite being advised to halt his activities and undergo surgery, the singer reportedy decided to not delay their comeback plans and reschedule the surgery after it.

CNU was blatantly praised for his efforts to push through B1A4’s activities as he was able to attend every part of their original schedule despite the advise of his company and group members. Meanwhile, his fans also expressed their worry towards the member having been allegedly spotted with a brace during their promotions.

To confirm the reports, WM Entertainment has confirmed that CNU sustained the injury from dancing and will need to have surgery for his knee cartilage. At the moment, they plan for him to have his surgery after the concert, however, no specific date has been confirmed.

Currently, CNU continues to receive treatment as they prepare for their concert on September 12th and 13th at the Yonsei University Outdoor Theater in Seoul, South Korea.

Source: TVReport