B1A4’s Sandeul To Play Key Role In Shaping Korea’s Democracy

B1A4‘s Sandeul became the first male honorary ambassador for the 2017 Beautiful Election Honorary Ambassador Commission this past weekend.

In the wake of political turmoil in South Korea last year, the 2017 Beautiful Election Honorary Ambassador Commission has appointed B1A4’s Sandeul as the first male honorary ambassador. As Honorary Ambassador, Sandeul is set to be an example for young people to become politically active and create a sense of unity among the country’s voters.

Sandeul received the honor from the chairman of the committee.
Sandeul is to promote voting and unity among all generations and types of people in Korea.

The Plaque of Appointment was awarded to Sandeul by the chairmen of the Central Election Commission, Yong Duk Kim, who expressed that the theme of the event is “A Beautiful Election, A Happy Korea”. Although Sandeul was nervous to receive the honor, he still gave an excellent speech, stating,

“Everyone, I have become a goodwill ambassador. It is a great honor to have been invited to such a meaningful event. But I am so nervous and I’m trembling… I really want to say that everyone’s participation will contribute to a more hopeful Republic of Korea.”

– Sandeul

Sandeul is the first male representative to be appointed as Ambassador.
Promotions for voting will happen on Twitter and other SNS over the year.

On his signature card, Sandeul wrote,

“Our vote leads to a better Korea.”

– Sandeul

The other B1A4 members were also in attendance and performed “A Lie” and “Good Timing” for the event attendees.

The entire group was invited to perform at the ceremony.

B1A4 has also received civic honors in the past, such as honorary members of The Korea Girl Scout Association to which they attended the Seoul High Youth Hostel ceremony alongside 100 girl scout representatives back in 2011. 

Source: Dispatch