B2M Entertainment responds to news of Lee Hyori becoming a free agent

With recent news of singer and entertainer Lee Hyori‘s decision of becoming a free agent, B2M Entertainment‘s CEO Gil Jong Hwa shares his response to the news.

On February 27th, CEO Gil Jong Hwa said, “It is true that our exclusive contract with Lee Hyori has ended, however, news headlines like ‘Beautiful Farewell’ and ‘Lee Hyori states to becomes a FA’ are all meaningless. Although we are currently not involved with her as management, we supported her work for our friendship. As she is barely active in this industry, she moves on her own schedule. As of now, we never heard that Lee Hyori is searching for a new agency.”

As various sources confirmed that CEO Gil Jong Hwa and Lee Hyori were to walk their separate paths, many fans and netizens are left in wonder as to whether or not Lee Hyori will return to the entertainment scene as a free agent.

Lee Hyori made her debut in 1998 as a member girl group Fink.L and prolonged her career as a soloist in 2003, creating a name for herself as a “Legendary Sexy Diva.” Since then, she has become a fashion icon and the center of sexy celebrities in Korea.

On September of 2013, Lee Hyori and singer Lee Sang Soon tied their knot and garnered attention for their cozy and warm newlywed abode on Jeju Island. The sexy diva hosted SBSMagic Eye last year and narrated Take Care of My Dad 2015 for the Lunar New Year episode.

Source: TV Report