GOT7 BamBam’s Cousin Calls Him After Hilariously Reacting To His Music Video

She gave her honest feedback to BamBam!

Thai content creator Babo Prae has a successful social media following on both Instagram (@baboprae) and YouTube (하이프래Hi Prae). She posts a variety of fun content, including vlogs about living in South Korea.

Being the cousin of GOT7‘s BamBam, her most recent video is none other than reacting to his solo comeback, the music video for his album’s title track “riBBon.” When it comes to family, you know they will give their honest reaction, and that’s certainly what happened in this case!

From the start, she could not hide her expressions when something surprised her. BamBam’s quirky choice of actions at the beginning of the video caused her chills, especially his “cat pose!”

Prae also got a shock when she realized there was not just one but two BamBams! She confessed that, at first, she thought there were multiple people.

She even clowned his love for his trademark “Skrrrt, skrrrt!” She did say, however, that she feels it fits his “chill” persona.

Prae paid careful attention to not just the visuals but also the lyrics. She attempted to give her own lyric analysis.

Like many of us, she had an epiphany as she realized the true meaning of “riBBon.” It’s actually a homophone, symbolizing BamBam being “reborn.”

Prae complimented his style choices for the video, saying, “I feel good with his suits. I think he’s suitable for pink.” However, when he changed outfits, opting for a sexier option, she feared that perhaps the music video was no longer family-friendly!

She applauded his dance skills and attempted to mimic the moves too. She said, “If you talk about dancing, think of him! Of course, he’s good at dancing.”

Prae proved herself to be a true Ahgase as she recalled similarities between BamBam’s rapping style with some previous work he did with GOT7. She compared how he rolls his “R” to what he did for “Never Ever.”

Once the video ended, she surprised viewers with a call to the artist himself, BamBam! Being the great cousin he is, he answered immediately!

So, Prae congratulated him on the song’s release and recalled having heard a sneak peek of the song before. BamBam, on the other hand, wished to hear her honest feedback.

She only had good things to say! She also announced the song’s many achievements and chart rankings, which BamBam expressed how thankful he felt in regards to its success.

Prae did end up switching to interview mode by finally hitting him with some hard-hitting questions. She asked why he always sings, “Skrrrt, skrrrt.” His response?

It becomes my personal signature. I never think it will make me famous by singing Skrrrt Skrrrt.


He did say that he is not sure if he will stick with keeping it, at least when it comes to his songs. We think it has the potential to be a unique producer tag if he chooses to use it!

BamBam also proved himself to be the best cousin ever at the end by sending a message to Prae’s viewers and even gave a promo for her channel. The best of all, he promised to send her some money! Why can’t we all have cousins like BamBam?

Check out Prae’s full video below:

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Source: 하이프래Hi Prae and Image