BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Admits To Doing A Certain Habit 200 Times A Day

All the other members tease her about it too!

Recently, BABYMONSTER appeared as a guest on Idol Human Theater’s YouTube channel, revealing their irresistible charm. In the episode, the girls completed a self-introduction paper and shared their personalities and traits with new fans.

Member Ahyeon was particularly embarrassed to share one certain trait as she knew the members would tease her.

Ahyeon’s habit of brushing her hair back was something all the members knew about as she did it continuously throughout the day. They even knew the exact position of how she would brush her hair back.



Ahyeon admitted to being guilty of this habit and estimated about how many times she does it in a day.

Question: How many times do you think you brush your hair back?

Ahyeon: I think I brush it back at least 200 times.

Other members: Once every two minutes!

Ahyeon: I really don’t know why, but I do it so often.


Netizens that saw this found it hilarious and loved her unexpected personality.

MZ Ahyeon is coming! Trust me!


She was just doing this on ‘Knowing Bros’ too! lol.

Fans loved seeing a different side to her other than her powerful and charismatic stage presence!

Netizen comment | YouTube

It’s so cute how she acts so shy when she talks. She is already so confident and pretty. I will always support you!

Netizen comment | YouTube

She was also so full of passion on the survival show, so it’s nice to see this side of her too!

Netizen comment | YouTube

To see more of the group’s interaction, watch the full episode below!


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