BABYMONSTER Asa’s Reaction To TREASURE’s Jihoon Is 100% Relatable

Her quick thinking took over 😆

Although BABYMONSTER hasn’t debuted yet, Asa is already giving fans fun interactions with their YG Entertainment seniors TREASURE.


When Asahi exited the group’s car and headed inside the building, he politely bowed to the people inside and went about his day. Jihoon, on the other hand, had a funnier experience.

When Jihoon entered the building and bowed to the staff inside, someone was walking his way. It was Asa, who happened to be looking down at her phone.

As soon as Asa looked up and saw Jihoon in front of her, her quick thinking took over. She quickly turned to walk in the opposite direction.

Despite Asa being adorably startled to see Jihoon, she didn’t forget her manners. She respectfully bowed to Jihoon as she made her getaway. He returned the bow to his junior.

Not only could fans relate to Asa for being shy and running away, but they were happy to see the YG Entertainment labelmates have a fun interaction.

Jihoon | @treasuremembers/Twitter
Source: Twitter