BABYMONSTER’s Haram Chooses The BLACKPINK Member Who Is Her Role Model

She was happy to explain what made the member so special to her.

The members of BABYMONSTER look up to their YG Entertainment seniors BLACKPINK. Haram is no exception and revealed which one of the idols she aspires to be like.


In Haram’s introduction video as the final member, the company asked the trainee for her role model.

The question was a no-brainer for Haram. She named BLACKPINK’s talented vocalist Rosé and was happy to share why.

Haram explained, “Rosé has a unique and distinctive voice that really shows her characteristics.

Haram even became a successful fan when Rosé sat in on one of her monthly evaluations in 2019, receiving praise from her role model.

Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Listen to Haram fangirl over her role model Rosé.