BABYMONSTER Reaches Highest Peak On Digital Charts So Far, Praised For Their “Organic Growth”

Here’s how they did it.

BABYMONSTER is YG Entertainment‘s newest girl group. They debuted on April 1st with their title track “SHEESH.”

They already had a considerable amount of hype surrounding them prior to their official debut. Not only are they BLACKPINK‘s “little sister group,” but they also gained a sizeable fandom from their survival show, The Last Evaluation, and their pre-releases “Batter Up” and “Stuck in the Middle.”


Digital charts such as MelOn, however, are more dependent on the favor of the general public as they count unique listeners within a day. They started with a score of #296 on MelOn’s Daily Chart. While this was higher than most of their K-Pop group counterparts, it was not within the ideal Top 100 chart.

BABYMONSTER’s popularity among the masses started to brew in their first official live performance on SBSInkigayo. On April 7, the group shocked netizens by singing live with minimal backtrack. They showed off a confident and powerful performance with consistent vocals, rap, and dancing.

Main vocalist Rami solidified their image of being talented with a short clip of her singing a line from “SHEESH” during the interview portion.

Since then, BABYMONSTER continued to amaze netizens with their jaw-dropping raw vocals on “It’s Live”…

…radio shows…

…reality shows…

…and of course, music shows.

On April 14, they finally made it into the Top 100 chart, debuting at #96.


It was a time for celebration among fans who were emotional that they achieved such a difficult feat for a K-Pop group.

A day later on April 15, exactly two weeks after their debut, they jumped eight spots and made it to #88 on the Top 100.


As of writing, BABYMONSTER has reached their highest position so far: #16.

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Fans called this rise in popularity “organic” considering that the general public mainly noticed them due to their talent. Each new performance of theirs gained millions of views and several even trended in Korea and around the world. As such, they are now being called by fans “the group that is rising most organically on the charts.”

Because BABYMONSTER was able to prove their skills especially at a time when instances of questionable vocals were hot topics, they naturally gained new fans.

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Source: Melon


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