BABYMONSTER’s Debut Announcement Plagued By Criticism

“I’m no longer interested.”

Korean netizens reacted to news of YG Entertainment BABYMONSTER‘s impending debut.


On October 10, YG Entertainment revealed that their newest idol group will be making their much-anticipated debut in November.

We were extra careful in selecting the title track so that we could repay the fans with the highest quality. Due to the process, we ask for your understanding that their debut will be later than the previously mentioned September.

All preparations are complete now. We will continue to work full speed ahead so that BABYMONSTER will be able to debut in November. Please give them your attention.

— YG Entertainment

The news comes amid criticism from fans who pointed out that YG Entertainment previously stated the group will debut in September.

YG Entertainment Announces BABYMONSTER Will Debut In November

Korean netizens reacted to the news skeptically, with many stating that they didn’t believe the label and pointed to the fact that the group has yet to film their music video.

  • “I felt their debut would be delayed even if they had filmed their music video, but they haven’t even filmed it yet.”
  • “Let me know after they debut.”
  • “You can’t believe them until after the music video comes out.”
  • “If they say November, it means February of next year.”
  • “I’m no longer interested.”
  • “No one seems to believe that they are debuting in November. LOL.”
  • “The fourth-generation groups are too strong, so they will have to prepare well to succeed.”
  • “I guess they will debut in February, LOL. They always delay by three months.”
  • “I guess they are debuting next year.”
  • “If they haven’t even filmed their music video yet, then it must mean they will debut next year.”
  • “Ok, 2024 it is.”

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Source: theqoo