Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To The Announcement Of BABYMONSTER’s Debut Single, “BATTER UP”

“I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll have a unique sound but just the title and styling so far is giving 2NE1 3.0 😭😭”

After a long wait, YG Entertainment‘s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, is finally set to debut on November 27. In the days leading up to their debut, the label has been releasing teasers for each of the six members (originally seven, but Ahyeon was recently revealed to not be debuting with the group at this time due to health issues).

Along with the member teasers, YG Entertainment also recently revealed that the group will release a digital single for their debut called “BATTER UP”.

This fits with the concept teasers images and videos that have been shared so far, which have had a minimalistic and sporty theme.

On Twitter, the responses to the debut single “BATTER UP” seem to be generally positive. Netizens seem to be excited for a new group from YG Entertainment, and think that the members show a lot of promise. Some have also mentioned that it gives them old-school hip-hop vibes, which wouldn’t be unusual for a YG Entertainment group.

However, the reception isn’t so warm on other platforms. On a forum post about the title track, the comments section seems to be more negative than positive, with many people not having very much confidence in YG Entertainment.

Are you excited for this new girl group to debut?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa