BABYMONSTER’s Glaring Lack Of Promotions Sparks Speculation Around Ahyeon

Ahyeon did not debut

YG Entertainment is under fire for BABYMONSTER‘s lack of promotions.

BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

On November 29, a post titled “I Can’t Understand YG’s Rookie Group BABYMONSTER’s Promotions Post Debut” went viral.

In the post, the author writes about their disappointment with YG Entertainment’s lack of promotions for BABYMONSTER.

YG’s rookie group BABYMONSTER recently debuted. They were highly anticipated as they were from YG, one of K-Pop’s Big 4 labels, but they aren’t being promoted other than through the release of their song and music video. It is to the point that people are asking if this was their official debut.

— Netizen

The author goes on to lament the fact that the members do not have their own social media accounts and aren’t on Weverse or other private messaging platforms.

Member Twitters? Doesn’t exist. Members Weverse accounts? Doesn’t exist. Then YG must be promoting their music, right? Articles, press releases, and showcases? Doesn’t exist. Music show schedules? Doesn’t exist.

— Netizen

The netizen continues writing that the concerning lack of promotions has left many fans wondering if the group’s “Batter Up” release was an official debut or if it was a pre-debut.

It’s easy to find comments asking if this was the group’s official debut or if it was just their pre-debut, but this is bad even for pre-debuts. Competition between fourth-generation girl groups is cutthroat, so most fans are wondering what the label is thinking.

— Netizen

Netizens reacted, with many expressing their disappointment with the label’s inaction. Many netizens speculated the label’s lack of promotion might signal that the label is waiting for Ahyeon to return.

  • “It feels like YG Entertainment was forced to debut them.”
  • “They did debut, right??? Makes me think this was a teaser.”
  • “You know Ahyeon? If she couldn’t debut because she was sick, don’t you think they are waiting for her? It looks like they will really start promoting the group once she returns… If that’s not why, I don’t understand why the label isn’t promoting them after the group’s debut.”
  • “They debuted?”
  • “I think YG Entertainment is testing the waters, LOL. If the response to the group’s debut is good, YG will promote them, and if it isn’t good, they will wait for Ahyeon, LOL.”
  • “But YG has always been like a boutique shop. Sigh, I feel bad for them.”
  • “Looking at the response here, I’m not sure that the 30 million views mean that much. It’s amazing people have even watched it that many times.”
  • “Girl groups need to perform to get a stronger response, but it’s so frustrating that the group hasn’t even released a performance video.”

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Source: theqoo