These Backup Dancers’ Fancam Views Outrank The Actual Idols They’re Dancing For

They outviewed the actual singers.

Korean idols’ back up dancers have recently been thrown into spotlight, with shows such as Street Woman Fighter giving them exposure. Not only that, but exceptionally pretty or handsome dancers have also become influencers of sort as they gain their own fandom.

It has recently come to attention that some of these backup dancers are outranking the actual idols they perform for, in terms of fancam views. A performance of “PING PONG” by HyunA and DAWN was uploaded by Mnet. Shockingly, while (at the time of screen capture) HyunA and DAWN’s fancams had under 6000 views each, the fancams for the dancers Kim Jihyang and Emma Song soared. Currently, HyunA has around 30,000 views while DAWN has around 7000.

| pann

Kim Jihyang, who went viral for being the pretty backup dancer for EXO Baekhyun‘s “Candy” and Kang Daniel‘s “2U”, now has over 70,000 views while Emma, who grew in fame on Street Woman Fighter, now has over 500,000 views.

Of course, not all dancers are given their own fancams! Only those with more recognition and fans are videoed separately. What do you think of this phenomenon?

Source: pann