Bada and “Gone With the Wind” co-star Michael Lee share surprising kiss live on radio

A kiss exchanged between S.E.S’ Bada and musical actor Michael Lee at a live radio show has become the latest hot topic among netizens. 

On January 27th, both Bada and Michael Lee appeared as guests on MBC F4MU’s Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date, in which the two proceeded to perform a scene from their current musical, Gone With the Wind, at the request of their host.

Prior to the duet performance, Bada explains, “Scarlett is struggling after confessing her love to Ashley and kissing him, however, he does not reciprocate this love because he already has a wife named Melanie,” and the two began their love duet performance, gaining a lot of admiration for their expressed relationship.

Nearing the end of their performance, Bada and Michael Lee surprised staff and their audience when the two leaned in for a short kiss.

Source: Sports Donga