Badkiz Responds To Accusations About Manipulating Music Chart Rankings

They’re preparing a comeback.

Badkiz‘s agency has decided to take legal action against rumors claiming that they had manipulated music chart rankings. The group recently switched agencies from ZOO Entertainment to US Entertainment.

Their new agency confirmed that the group’s previous agency has not used chart manipulating services, and vowed to take strong legal response to the false rumors.

The rumors about chart manipulations is completely untrue.

In order to start anew, Badkiz moved their agency to ours last year. Their previous agency didn’t release an album for them during the past 2 years, and we confirmed that they did not manipulate chart rankings.

As false rumors continue to spread rapidly, we will take strong legal measures for defamation.

— US Entertainment

They also revealed that Badkiz is preparing their first comeback in years. The group plans to release new music this Summer, which will be the first album under their new agency.

Badkiz is currently preparing a new album. They’ll be making a comeback in the Summer, so please look forward to it.

— US Entertainment

A political candidate revealed during a press conference that an under marketing company has been using illegal hacking methods to manipulate music charts. He named multiple artists who had used their services, including Badkiz.

Source: News1 and Segye