Bae Yong Joon seeks legal action against 30 netizens over malicious comments

Actor Bae Yong Joon is reported to have taken a legal action for the malicious comments made by at least thirty netizens. After continuous comments that left not only vulgar message but also the spread of false rumours online, Bae Yong Joon is seeking legal actions for at least thirty identified netizens.

In a statement released by KeyEast Entertainment, it was revealed that, “There were some netizens who were using the same IDs to repeatedly spread false rumors and leave vulgar comments without hesitation and that Bae Yong Joon will be taking lawful steps to deal with these netizens and will continue to do so in the future.” 

They also revealed that they were not planning to sue anyone because receiving some malicious comments may have to be something all celebrities must deal with. However, it was explained that, “After reports of their marriage, there were many comments that were continuous posted by certain individuals ranging from ten to over hundreds of comments that were defaming him.”

KeyEast Entertainment also added that there will be no mercy in dealing with these netizens and warned others.

Meanwhile, some of the top comments for the issue are as follows:

[ +2416 / -166] Daebak hahahahaha Bye netizens leaving bad comments

[ +1824 / -94] I know that netizens leaving bad comments are bad but there are also reporters that are motivating malicious comments using misleading titles

[ +1793 / -162] Wow these netizens leaving bad comments don’t stop after continuous suing by celebrities

[ +1587 / -101] What about the person who leaked their video??

[ +829 / -134] Judge let me live. I don’t know Korean because I’m blind.

Source: Sports DongA Comments: Sports DongA

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