Baek Ji Young’s Husband Jung Suk Won Reportedly Arrested For Drug Abuse

He was arrested for allegedly using meth on his trip to Australia.

Actor Jung Suk Won has reportedly been arrested on drug abuse charges. According to news reports, he was arrested at the Incheon International Airport on suspicions of drugs.

“Last night (February 8th) at 8pm, Jung Suk Won was arrested at the Incheon International Airport on suspicions of drug abuse.”

— Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

The police received reports that Jung Suk Won left for Australia and had used methamphetamine at a local bar. He was arrested immediately upon his return back to Korea.

The police filed charges against him for administering methamphetamine and are currently testing reagents against him to secure all evidence. They are investigating what drugs, along with methamphetamine, he could have used and how many times he’s used them.

Police officials have yet to find a conclusion but plan to release the details as soon as they finish their investigations.

“We will judge whether an arrest warrant application is necessary after investigating him farther.”

— Police Official

Jung Suk Won’s agency made a statement that they’re currently looking into the matter.

“We are confirming the facts.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

Jung Suk Won married the popular singer, Baek Ji Young, back in June of 2013. They have a 5-month-old daughter together.

Source: Joongang Ilbo